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Specialty Clinic

Specialty Clinic

Crescent Medical Center Lancaster’s multi-specialty clinic serves a wide range of medical needs, while delivering expert care with respect and compassion. The clinic specializes in gastroenterology, wound care management, and sleep medicine; collaborating with referring physicians to achieve optimum care results for our patients. Our Specialty Clinic can assist a patient in renewing their state of health with an initial consultation, testing, and follow up visits; as an outlook on great health.

The Specialty Clinic is staffed with physician experts. The clinic staff includes a team of trained physician assistants and licensed vocational nurses. There is a wide range of health services offered:

  • Gastroenterology – specializes in minimally invasive treatments focusing on diseases of the digestive system; a number of diseases including stomach, colon, rectum, and esophagus
  • General and Gastrointestinal Surgery – including appendectomy, bowel obstructions, cholecystectomy, colostomy, hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel
  • Podiatry – dedicated to improving foot health and healing foot related issues
  • Neurology – providers evaluate and treat a wide range of neurologic conditions
  • Pain Management – provides services for all types of pain conditions; we accurately treat your pain with personalized care
  • Sleep Medicine – diagnosis studies and management of various sleep disorders or clinical conditions that occur during sleep and that disturb sleep; such as obstructive sleep apnea, excessive daytime sleepiness, insomnia, and narcolepsy.
  • Wound and Ostomy Clinics – provides care for patients with wound that do not heal for various reasons; dedicated to care of chronic and non-healing wounds


Specialty Clinic

2700 W Pleasant Run Rd, Lancaster, TX 75146


8:30am to 5:00pm
(Monday – Friday)

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