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How It Works:

In our hospital, we treat patients like family. That is why we have providers known as Hospitalists to help take care of you when you are admitted to our inpatient Medical unit.

Patients are often admitted through three ways:

  • Your primary care doctor may recommend hospitalization, and he or she will contact our Hospitalist to admit you.
  • Alternatively, you may be seen in the Emergency Room and need to be admitted. In this case, our specially trained Emergency Room physicians will coordinate your admission with the Hospitalist on call.
  • Lastly, you may have a surgery that requires a few days of care in the hospital. In this case, the surgeon often works with the Hospitalist to organize inpatient care prior to discharge.

A Hospitalist (also known as an inpatient medicine physician), is a provider who is specialized in general medical care for people that need to stay in a hospital. A Hospitalist will handle your admission, organize care toward a goal of health, and coordinate your discharge.

What we do:

Our goal is helping you back to health. With experienced staff who care, we look after patients who have often had long and complicated medical histories, and also help those who may have just found themselves as suffering from difficult conditions.

Regardless of your history, we are ready to help. With resources like physical therapy, , cardiology, speech therapy, respiratory therapy, nephrology, hemodialysis, nutrition, as well as the skills of our Hospitalists and Nursing Care Team, we are prepared to help you get back to health!

Where we work:

Our inpatient Medical unit is located on the third floor. With 24/7 access to specialized staff, you can sleep easy knowing that you are in good hands. We pride ourselves on having:

  • Comfortable and fully patient-operated hospital beds
  • Registered Nurses always immediately available
  • Low patient ratios
  • Private rooms and private bathrooms
  • A flat screen television with satellite coverage in each room
  • High-speed wireless internet access
  • Overnight guests permitted

Our trained staff doesn't just care for injuries, they care about you.

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  • Crescent Medical Center O. R. HOPD
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