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Crescent Medical Center is a great hospital. As soon as I got through the doors, I was welcomed by the outpatient staff and introduced to the nurses that were going to handle me before the doctor. Keep up the good work and if I have to go to the hospital again, it will be Crescent Medical Center. Thanks to the entire team!
Eric Ferguson

Thank you, Outpatient Department. The staff was so sweet. I had to have two procedures done and my heart is overjoyed with all the love and all the attention the Outpatient Department gave me. Keep up the great work.
Cassandra Lyons

The Medical staff receives high recommendations from patients and has great care and concern for the patients. Everyone worked together and demonstrated team work. Attitude and work performance of staff was awesome.

My husband had a knee procedure with Dr.Shade, and the staff at this place is the kindest with knowledgeable staff. You all made my husbands procedure a breeze! Crescent has people with big hearts. We are blessed to have had such great nurses and anesthesiologists ... Thank you all
The Martins

No long wait. Bridgett that works in the Specialty Clinic was absolutely wonderful, she is smiling she is caring and she has time to listen to you. You can tell she cares about each person she comes into contact with. She is really good at what she does. She is a blessing to the ill people she deals with daily. I would give her 10 stars if I could!
Von Veracruz

I am sending this letter to let you know what a great experience I had at Crescent Medical Center Lancaster. I wanted to thank the entire staff for making my experience as pleasant as possible. Everyone from the front desk to inpatient was extremely professional and personable. I would never hesitate to recommend Crescent to my family and friends. Again please tell them thank you!

The care at Crescent Medical Center is fantastic! I had surgery there and my experience from check-in to discharge was great. I am one that is scared of hospitals... I was never left alone, and the nurses and staff treated me like family. The surgery staff was kind and reassuring. Crescent is a great model for all to follow. Patient care and comfort is their top priority!
Karen Covington

I really enjoyed my husband being in this hospital. I live 7 hours away and they took care of my other half. This is an excellent hospital to be sick in. They give great patient care and assistance.
Mortischa Hicks

The experience was the best one ever. From check-in to surgery, the facilities were perfect. The staff goes above and beyond. The food was great too. I loved it here and will consider having any procedures done here if ever needed. Great job everyone!
Christopher Witt

I received top-notch care here for my surgery! Such an awesome staff! Polite, caring, and professional. I'm one who is terrified of the OR and the guy who took me back had me laughing and put me at ease till I was knocked out. Great big thanks to all there, and to Dr. Kevin Williams. Crescent was well worth the drive and far exceeded our expectations. Lancaster is fortunate to have this hospital!
Karen Covington

My stay at Crescent Medical Center a few weeks ago was outstanding. The nurses and doctors took very good care of me. They treated me as if I was family. I was never worried or confused about anything or my process during my visit. So I would like to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart to the women and men who took the extra effort to get me back on my feet.

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Naeem for over a year now and he is truly skilled in what he does. He takes time to understand the problem and very methodically tries to diagnose the problem, instead of just shooting in the dark. He is also very passionate about what he does. We have called HIM personally over the weekends quite a few times for some questions and he's always available to answer them, and that is a great example of customer service. How many doctors in America will give you their cell phone number and answer your urgent queries over the weekend or late nights? This is the best example of customer service.
Gloria Warner

The hospital staff was very welcoming, patient, courteous and friendly. The staff took their time in helping me to locate a patient that I was scheduled to pick up and provided a tour of the unit. The staff promptly updated me on the patient status. Dr. Reece was a pleasure to meet; he took his time to explain how to care for the patient at home. He was patient in making sure that the family and I fully understood the instructions before he departed. The patient was very pleased with the care that he received. I highly recommend Crescent Medical Center!
Marquetta Washington

My husband was admitted and I stayed with him the whole time. They were not only knowledgeable but friendly. VERY GOOD CARE!! Thank you.
Jolene Winn

I would like to Thank the Staff of Crescent Medical Center Hospital of Lancaster for taking such good care of me during my recent hospital stay. Your kindness and patience meant so much to me. The level of care that I received showed me that the Staff are truly exceptional people giving exceptional care. I pray that God bless each of you, individual as well as collectively.

We took our 5-year-old daughter in with some tummy aches, turned out she had appendicitis. The nurses and doctors and CAT scan tech were so awesome. They really went above and beyond to care and comfort my little angel. I couldn’t have asked for any better care for her.
Crystal Foster

The staff was amazing from check-in to recovery. One of the better facilities I've had surgery at. Would highly recommend Crescent Medical Center.
Gaye Hill

My husband had excellent care. The staff was very attentive, helpful, and patient. From the moment we checked in to his discharge, every staff member was more than professional, they were friendly and went above and beyond just doing their job. Wonderful experience.
Martha Litz

I took my daughter to this ER this morning and revived the BEST care from the 5-6 nurses as well as the doctor!!!!! You ladies and 3 gentleman took EXCEPTIONAL CARE of my daughter. I appreciate all of you!!! Thank you so much!!!!

My husband had a knee procedure with Dr.Shade, and the staff at this place is the kindest with knowledgeable staff. You all made my husbands procedure a breeze! Crescent has people with big hearts. We are blessed to have had such great nurses and anesthesiologists ... Thank you all
The Martins

Thank you for taking such great care of my child. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with all the care he received. I hope if we ever have to have any other emergency room visits that we will be able to come to Crescent.

I had a pleasant experience with the staff in the ER. I went in early Friday morning and they turned an unpleasant situation into a pleasurable one. They were just nice, plain and simple. I went in sad and disappointed that I had clumsily hurt myself and came out feeling a lot better, and it wasn't just from the physical treatment they provided. They talked to me, laughed with me and made me feel better about what happened. They provided genuine care and it felt good. Please keep up the good work. They treat their patients like humans, not numbers to be waited on. Thank you!!
Thelma Thomas

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