A Letter from Our President - Crescent Medical Center Lancaster

Letter from the President


Welcome to Crescent Medical Center Lancaster!
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you here to our website! As a practicing physician in Nephrology for over 20 years, I invested most of my time and effort in the under served areas of Arkansas and Texas. I was focused on bringing access to quality healthcare where it was needed most. However, there was only so far I could reach within my own single specialty of Nephrology. I was constantly eager to do more. In 2010, I found this closed hospital that was forcing the surrounding community to travel many extra unnecessary miles for healthcare. Ambulances were racing right past the closed doors of this facility with community members in dire need of emergency care. In situations where every second counted, this was unacceptable to me.

I purchased this hospital that same year because I could not wait. Lancaster, and the rest of the Best Southwest community could not wait. I knew I was being called for something bigger, and as it turned out, it was bigger than could have been imagined. This has been the most challenging project I have ever taken on. It took a lot of effort, a great deal of time, and all of my savings, but in 2013 we finally re-opened our doors as Crescent Medical Center Lancaster. With the help of my selfless and dedicated staff, the support of my loving family and friends, and the eager welcome of the community in and around Lancaster, we were finally able to begin treating the underserved but over deserving.

I am so fortunate to have this opportunity and I foresee a very bright future for Crescent Medical Center of Lancaster as we aim to serve, educate, and empower this community! To those who have helped Crescent Medical Center of Lancaster become what it is today: your support has brought character and personality into this hospital and will help us better serve this community for many years to come. To our past, present, and future patients: we are honored that you would trust us with your healthcare needs and we value any and all of your input. Thank you all. I hope you will visit our website regularly for useful updates and information on what is going on in and around your community hospital.
Once again, Welcome to Crescent Medical Center of Lancaster!

Khalid Mahmood, M.D.